International Legal Management - Law Office of Jesko Onken

Attorney at Law Jesko Onken specializes in complete, personalized, and cost-effective legal solutions for your worldwide legal needs.

Worldwide Legal Solutions for Corporate Clients

Whether you are a U.S. based company with planned or existing business operations abroad or a foreign entrepreneur or company expanding operations to the United States, we can provide strategic advice and legal solutions for all of your worldwide business activities. More information ->

German-American Law for Individual Clients

To individual clients we can provide highly specialized legal services in all aspects of German-American law, particularly to U.S. residents with German roots or other ties to Germany and German citizens planning to move to the United States or become U.S. citizens. More information ->

German Law Expert for U.S. Law Firms

As an attorney licensed to practice law in California and Germany, Jesko Onken can provide valuable advice and information to other law firms and their clients on cases involving German law. While you remain primary counsel for your client, we can cover all international aspects of your case. More information ->

U.S. Law Expert for German Law Firms

For German law firms and their clients, Jesko Onken can provide comprehensive information on U.S. law in German language. We can also represent your client in the U.S. and provide full bilingual support. More information ->

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.